Hat Care Tips

(From Cowboys In The Know)
    1. Always place your hat upside-down on its crown to catch all the good luck. This also preserves the brim shape.
    2. Never let the brim of your hat touch your bed. Old cowboys say doing so will bring loads of bad luck.
    3. Never leave your hat in the car window or trunk. Your hat will shrink and give you a headache.
    4. Brush your hat regularly with a soft bristle brush or the brush attachment of your vacuum. This keeps the dust from building.
    5. Try to avoid treating your hat with water repellant. Once sealed, your hat can no longer be cleaned.
    6. If you want to keep your head dry, buy a hat with a high percentage of beaver fur. Then your hat will not need treating to keep your head dry.
    7. When you need your hat cleaned, re-sized, or re-shaped, call us. We do complete hat renovations.