Quality Choices

"Jackson Hole Hat Company Challenge"

An educated customer is our best customer; hence, we encourage you to shop around.  We know you will not find a comparable quality hat for less money.


5X - 100% Pure Rabbit Fur

Good for occasional use.  If you wear your hat infrequently and use it lightly, rabbit fur is a good choice.  Breathes well and give some rain resistance, but doesn't hold shape or shed water as well as a beaver fur blend.


10X - Beaver/Rabbit Fur Blend

Mid-range quality.  If you wear your hat fairly often and expect it to hold up in the weather, you need at least a beaver blend.  Breathes well and give good rain resistance; holds shape better, lasts longer, and wears more comfortably than rabbit fur.


100% - 100% Pure Beaver Fur

Highest quality hat - period!  Good for hard, everyday use and/or the person who values quality.  If your hat works as hard as you do or you simply want the highest quality hat available, this is it.  Most comfortable hat you can buy.  Smooth, velvety feel, highly durable, holds its shape, and gives maximum rain resistance; it's like a luxury umbrella for your head!

Listen to this!

Our raw hat bodies are made by Winchester Hat Company, one of the only companies still making them in the good ole' U.S.A., using domestic materials, manufactured with quality by American workers.  They are simply the finest basic hat bodies made anywhere in the world.  No shortcuts, not cheap labor, no mass production - just old-fashioned, hand-made quality!